Heavy Discounts On Kindle E-readers might be pointing to Upcoming Kindle Refresh? New Flagship Models?

Well It isn’t “Christmas in July” but it seems like Amazon has made its “Black Friday in March” a thing now. For a very limited time, Amazon had knocked $30-50 off its Kindles, Kindle Paperwhites, and its Kindle Voyage E-readers. Also, the deal was available for Prime members only. However, we cannot think of anybody who doesn’t have a Prime membership, it has always proven to be so useful all the time. It seems like it was more of an incentive for people to sign up, even if it was then that’s a good thing.

The Kindle Voyage E-reader deal was particularly noteworthy. Rarely you would see Amazon’s Kindle flagship emeritus on sale. Also, despite the Kindle Oasis being in the “premium” Kindle spot, the Kindle Voyage E-reader is still one of the best E-readers one would have ever used. Despite being introduced in late 2014, Kindle Voyage E-reader has several advantages over its more expensive sibling. The Kindle Voyage happens to have the same glass screen (though without the cylindrical glare-cutting pattern similar to that of the Oasis) and paperwhite display; also the automatic dimming that the Oasis has lacked, as well as capacitative turn buttons (some people might like physical buttons, but some might prefer the buzzing). Well, it also rarely goes on sale. With that $50 that you saved, you could have thrown an origami cover in your cart and could have taken advantage of the magnetic auto-wake feature. Did you know that the cover also folds up into a kickstand helpful for hands-free reading, if that’s the way you like it.

What might be more interesting for you is the timing of the sale. Amazon had revealed the Kindle Oasis or “the last E-reader you’ll ever need” Right around the middle of April last year…obviously until they make a fancier one. Now that Amazon has been trying to move older Kindle models at a deep discount, that points to Amazon trying to refresh the product line very soon. It is highly possible that we could be seeing some pretty decent upgrades soon for the base Kindles and Paperwhite E-readers. E-readers have been quite static for awhile in Amazon’s stable. It would be really nice to have a few new features come in, something like an LED light for the base Kindle may be.


But what about that deep discounts on the Kindle Voyage? Well this could be indicative that a shakeup might be coming at the upper range of the Kindle line. What should that look like? We cannot rule out the possibility of  a new flagship model; but it is going to be unusual for Amazon to come up with a completely new high-end device so quickly after the launch of the previous model. It looks like that its more likely to be a price adjustment on the Kindle Oasis to drop it down from its $289 premium, may be with a minor hardware refresh to bring in features that didn’t make it over from the Voyage. And that would leave people in the market for a top-end Kindle wondering why they should choose a Voyage over the Oasis. And push Amazon to move some of their Kindle Voyage stock, quickly.

If you’re looking to buy a premium E-reader, the Kindle Voyage sounds like a great deal for $150. People paid much more for its purchase in its initial days when it first came out and It is still considered worth the purchase. However, if you’re looking forward to new hardware, you should wait only to see new models come out. There is a very high possibility that there might be new Kindle models announced very soon.