Kindle Oasis: Amazon’s best & impressive new e-reader

Hello, let’s test the other ebook readers to Kindle Oasis and to real books. After all, Amazon boasts about its aim to make its e-readers as good as real books.

There is not comparision to the feel of rich paper under one’s fingers and also the sharpness of the ink compared to the electronics and the way the weight of each side of the book tells you how far you have read it even with your eyes shut. Navigating through the pages still seems to be better in a paper book – you can easily flick to a note at the back and straight away find your way back to the page you want to be on. In ebooks, even today, text can just re-flow so there’s no physicality that would help you remember stuff. Alos,  in a lot of books you might notice that flipping back and forth between pages moves the text around a lot of times very confusingly.


As claimed by Amazon, the Oasis is ‘astonishingly’ light

But ultimately convenience still seems to be the key with an ebook reader. The weight of a single real holiday book like the brilliant Joyride: Lives of the Theatricals by John Lahr, is much more than the Kindle Oasis.

The Kindle Oasis also has a smart leather book cover that connects magnetically and has a big battery included to extend reading life considerably. Also, the leather on that has become pretty scuffed in a matter of days. This lived-in, weathered look is appealing to some. But it is definitely  a surprise, a change as compared to the pristine look every previous Amazon Kindle had maintained throughout its life.

Amazon offers different colour optins in the leather cover.

The Kindle Oasis is astonishingly light if you remove the leather cover. you’ll notice that it is surprisingly very thin, apart from the edge where the page-turn buttons are present. The thicker edge on it makes it very easy to hold and also, you can simply turn it upside down if you want the buttons to be on the other side – the onscreen words turn along as an auto rotate feature. Even after all this, there’s a catch in holding it: if the buttons happen to be leaning too hard on your fingers, they might just turn when you don’t want them to, and you must take care not to engage the touchscreen if you rest the thumb off the buttons,. There is no lip provided between frame and screen as on the cheaper Amazon Kindles. Well, it definitely looks much classier, but it also makes inadvertent page turns too easy. These problems do not seem to be much of a hassle, one can easily acclimatise.

Now, talking about the content: Purchasing it is still not quite as fluent as one might like. A lot of people enjoy the possibility of being able to see a sample first. One of the best features that we found out of an Amazon Kindle is the way you can easily highlight text without having to make the book dog-eared as one would with highlighter pen and paper. you just can’t do this in a sample. You imagine that it might be to encourage you to buy a particular book but actually it might just put off a lot of people.

It might be thin, but it does pack a punch according to Amazon

There might be some minor niggles that you might notice. But, the screen is very sharp and pristine, the page turns are unexpectedly fast and smooth, and the e-reader feels slick and modern because of its flush screen. Amazon’s new system fonts and screen layouts work well with it. However, you might find the the buttons to turn the pages to be a little clicky, you may want to use the touchscreen for page turns just the way you adjust the light on the oasis if you happen to be reading in bed, rather than risk waking any other person in the room.

All in all the lightness and size of the Oasis are really good, it has broken new grounds for comfort and efficiency that other manufacturers might find hard to match.

The battery in the e-reader might just edge down during the day, but as soon as you attach it to its cover and it just bumps right back up again, and that too very quickly.