Razor Thin Kindle Oasis E-Reader from Amazon

Ebook readers are most popular among holiday readers probably because you can pack more than 1,000 books in your suitcase electronically that too with no weight. E-Readers that use E-ink display technology very much readable in the brightest of sunlight with the help of sunglasses, unlike the mobile phones and iPads. Some e-readers now have options for front-lights which tend to be more restful on the eyes than the backlight of an iPad.

Real books on the other hand are less portable with huge numbers but have a lot to offer. No one really needs a 1,000 books on a holiday or do they?

Well that’s certainly not the point being put up here– just as a comparision, who needs 1,000 albums in an iPod? But it’s always good to have choices. Also, Not to forget that the ebooks download wirelessly in just a few seconds, so if you have finished the first volume of any xyz book, you can simply hit a button and immediately be able to read the second volume. And just in case if you have a 3G-enabled ebook reader, you don’t even need to go anywhere to pick up another ebook.